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Education is the stepping stone for any progress in life. Advancement in life requires not only careful planning, but also strategic investments that aim to influence one’s future in a positive way. Through our unique Financial Mentorship Program, we will equip you with the necessary skill sets that will not only change your financial outlook in life, but also enhance your financial prospects in a most practical way.

The Financial Mentorship Program will include mentorship letters, 31 CDs, bonus CDs, and workbook. It will be packed with life-changing revelations that aim to transform one’s course in life. This is an once-in-a-lifetime program that will definitely change your outlook, attitudes, and perceptions in life. In this course, we will explore and unveil many revolutionary truths that promise to send shockwaves to your inner being. You will be challenged to embark on a radical change. Rarely are such truths articulated and spoken from pulpits around the world. They will definitely confront you and even provoke you to act upon them – that you may change and ascend to your next level of breakthroughs.

The Financial Mentorship Program is a non-discountable, non-refundable, investment course. You will learn exceedingly much more than any ordinary man on the streets. Through this course, you will possess incredible, extraordinary knowledge that will set you apart from your peers in the area of financial competency. Armed with these advanced knowledge of wisdom, you shall soar with wings above the troubled waters of this life. Soon you shall laugh at life as things will begin to happen, as if by “magic”, even as you practice these unique secrets of the millionaires. This prosperity course is designed to “inner-engineered” your mindset, to allow the development of oneself to become excellent achievers in life.

If you are interested in signing up for our Financial Mentorship Program, kindly email us (email@livinglilies.org) for course registration detail.


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